As The Saying Goes..
You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
‘Till It’s Gone.

Plant A Tree.
Grow A Tree.

Paper From Sustainably Managed Forests.
Save The Future.

Fancy Paper Co., Ltd. ( FCP ) initially started by importing textured recycled paper. We are the first company that introduced recycled textured paper to the Thai market.
In addition, our priority is helping the environment by using paper from sustainable logged forest to ensure resource sustainability and habitat presentation after being in operation for nearly 30 years. We have contracted several well known international and domestic paper mills ( e.g. WestRock, StoraEnso, Iggesund, Metsaboard, SCG and etc. ) and are now their direct distributor.

FCP imports paper rolls and provide sheeting service for printing houses which reduce cost, increase their potential in the international market, and bring foreign urrencies to the country. This assists Thailand’s role as a printing hub in Asia.

FCP carefully selects paper mills that have FSC and PEFC certifications. Both forest management standards are from worldwide recognized independent organizations. FCP is the first paper Trader in Thailand who had received both certifications, FSC certification (BV-COC-122567) and PEFC certification (BV/CdC/2037405). In addition, we ensure excellent occupational health and safety for our employees by strictly managing the workplace environment to be clean and green.

Our motto is "We are grateful to every customer for patronizing our company and making our business stable. Fancy Paper Co., Ltd. will always stand by you."